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October 2022

Month: October 2022

Workshops: Screen Printing for Educators!

Workshops: Screen Printing for Educators!

NCWP is excited to be partnering with Pedal Press to bring NCWP teachers (and friends) a series of screen printing workshops. Pedal Press is a mobile community-based art project in Chico, Ca. Pedal Press believes in the social and creative power of printing as a tool for change. Young people have been the driving force of all social movements and have used printing as a tool in some really powerful ways. Pedal Press likes to share this history and make screen printing accessible to teachers and youth to express their own messages, art, and etc. In these workshops, we will consider what role screen printing (and art) can play in your classroom.

Pedal Press will host these workshops at their studio space in Chico, so space is limited. If you just want to learn a little something about screen printing, you’ll probably want to attend one of the two Intro Workshops. If you think you want to learn more than a little about screen printing, you’ll want to sign-up for the Intro and Intermediate Workshop combo. Check out the Workshop Descriptions and the Scheduling Options below.

Workshop Descriptions

I. Intro to Screen Printing Workshop: In this workshop, you’ll learn about screen printing history and usage, and look at both DIY and more technical screen printing modes. You’ll also make your own limited-edition DIY screen print. No materials fee is required. 

II. Intermediate Screen Printing Workshop: The Intro class is required for participation in the second workshop. You’ll learn how to do multiple color tabletop prints with acetate, create a limited edition DIY screen print, and a $50 materials fee buys you a tabletop screen printing setup to keep.

Scheduling Options

  • 10/15, 9-12 pm: I. Intro to Screen Printing
  • 10/29, 9-12 pm: II. Intermediate Screen Printing, $50 materials fee collected at workshop
  • 11/12, 9-12 pm: I. Intro to Screen Printing
  • 12/3, 9-12 pm: II. Intermediate Screen Printing, $50 materials fee collected at workshop

How to Sign-up

Space is limited, so a reservation is necessary to secure your spot. Please use the sign-up form, so we know you are interested. We’ll follow up in the next week or so to confirm your spot and provide location information and details.