2021 Summer Institute Landing Page

2021 Summer Institute Landing Page

Welcome again to the NCWP 2021 Summer Institute!

This is a landing page for the 2021 Summer Institute: one spot to find Zoom links and agendas. We’ll also curate resources here as they emerge in our work together.


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Agendas (updated daily on the same link)

Link to agenda Beginning Teacher SI (Kyra & Anthony)

Link to agenda Traditional SI (Lindsey & Amanda)

Reading & Writing Group Resources

Writing Marathon One-Stop Doc

Hermit Crab writing and resources

Additional resources for reading Linguistic Justice:

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Book trailer:

Chico State webinar with Dr. April Baker-Bell: The Every Day Work of (Re) Claiming our Languages:

How do we honor, validate, and sustain language identities? Join us for a conversation featuring Dr. April Baker-Bell (Associate Professor, Departments of African American and African Studies and English at Michigan State University), author of Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy (2020), in conversation with Chico State’s Dr. Sara Trechter (Professor of English) who studies the Lakhota, as well as language revitalization with the Nu’eta, and Dr. Aydé Enríquez-Loya (Associate Professor of English), who studies cultural rhetorics and femicides of Mexican/Mestiza women on the US/Mexican border.  Together, they will discuss the contention of language, the violence of language, and the work needed for language recovery, reclamations, and celebration of language and language identities. Facilitated by Dr. Kim Jaxon (Professor of English). Feb 10, 2021.

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